• Renewable Energy in the Light-Community: Wind energy

    It is the first time that wind energy is being worked with in the Light-Communities, and the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, in Uruguay, is the pioneer. The benefits and possibilities that this brings are immeasurable, not only in supplying electric energy, a driving force, but also in learning the relationship between the elements of nature
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  • Notice about events at the Marian Center in Aurora

    To all the pilgrims that visit the Marian Center, In response to the preventive measures taken by the competent international authorities and in an act of adhesion to them, with the greatest spirit and conscious of collaboration, the Marian Center of Aurora announces the cancellation of the public events that were programmed from today, March 13
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  • Campaign for the new bus

    It will be fundamental to count on new vehicles and especially on a bus that permits responding to the basic needs of the Light-Community on a daily basis and which may also serve as a support for the times of meetings." Christ Jesus - January 10 of 2019 Responding to a request of Our Lord, Christ Jesus, for the manifestation of a bus to fulfill
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The Sacred Center of Aurora is coming!

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