Rescue bases

Construction of a house, equipped with a doctor's office, infirmary and storage of elements for rescue in emergency situations. 

“Within the Light-Communities, especially in the island of salvation of Aurora, within its three areas, three specific bases of rescue should be set up, in which residents, the consecrated, and collaborators will go through a formation in first-aid and, in some cases, a technical deepening in nursing.” Christ Jesus


Current generation of rescue equipment and motorboats

“This preventative measure will assist everyone to become more prepared for taking care of any necessity.” Christ Jesus


First aid and rescue training in the face of disasters

"Will be sought for the residents, the consecrated and the collaborators to learn how to swim and protect themselves from possible fires, and to be knowledgeable about earthquakes, tsunamis, and unexpected large floods." Christ Jesus


First Aid and Disaster Preparedness and Response trainings have been done.

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