History of the sculpture of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity - Part 2

History of the sculpture of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity - Part 2


The challenges to fulfill the requests of the Divine Messengers did not end with the construction of the sculpture of the face of Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The Divine Mother had requested that the landscape which surrounded Her first Apparitions should be reflected in the background. Since the walls of the Home of Adoration were curved, they had to use a special technique to represent the orange trees at Her feet and the golden sun that accompanied Her on Her descent to Earth.

2After an intense month, the painting was ready and the rhythm in the house of prayer began to intensify. During the vigils of prayer, especially early in the morning, when the cold was intense and fatigue was felt on the bodies, the image became alive for the eyes of those present and gave them strength to continue. This is how one of the Sisters recalls it, "We felt that Mary was there, praying with us, so alive to the point that we thought She was going to walk out!"

3As the Marian Center was under construction, there was a great flow of workers and distributors who came from nearby cities. They all had to enter the house of prayer where they were surprised before this image. "These people came to work, to render a service and did not expect to find this Presence," says the Sister who witnessed many of those special moments. "Most of these people were not religious, but all of them, without exception, when they entered and found Her, they became silent and remained for a few minutes with great reverence".

The Divine Conception of the Trinity is a symbol of the union with Me, it is the seal of union with My Immaculate Spirit from whence I may give forth from the Source to your hearts, to the hearts that are without light and that are without comfort.”

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, August 18, 2011

4A frequent collaborator who used to visit us since the beginnings of the Marian Center, tells us how she felt when she saw the finished sculpture: "We had the impression that the Virgin was there, inside the house of prayer, because the colors that Friar Elías spoke of in the Apparitions were created. This face that looks at you with peace, sweetness, such a maternal gaze, this is what moved me and continues to move me," she tells us. "Beyond the fact that it is a sculpture, being able to see Her, to touch Her, moved me and continues to bring me peace".

5The Home of Adoration, which preserves this historic icon of Our Divine Mother, has received many pilgrims who are witnesses of this mystery. "When people come to visit, they are in a search and when they are open, they receive the Love that Mary deposited in Her Face," comments Sister María de la Contemplación who, for several years, was in charge of receiving visitors. "Many of those who stand in front of the sculpture start to cry and comment that they don't know why."

7Today there are white copies of the original sculpture in all the Marian Centers, Light-Communities and Light-Nuclei. In the Marian Center of Aurora there still remains the original in color, and Her Face guards this sacred place, bringing to memory the first Apparitions where She manifested Herself upon some orange trees, with the aspiration of being amongst and of helping all of Her children, believers and non-believers, of any creed and race.

This icon, which is part of the history of the Marian Center of Aurora, continues to transmit Her peace and love to all those who contemplate Her and open their hearts to Her.

Touch My Heart with love; It will respond to you and My Light will ignite in your essences so that you may be affirmed in Me and follow the path among the abysses and the cliffs; I will be sustaining the cord, the bridge of light so that you may cross and we can meet.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity - August 27, 2011