Updating the Communication System in the Light-Community

Updating the Communication System in the Light-Community

Instalação do sistema de radioamador na Comunidade-Luz
Installation of the amateur radio system
in the Light-Community

In the last months, the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora experienced a great impulse to make communication via radio viable, installing antennas and necessary equipment for its proper functioning between the areas of the Community, and planning for communication, in the future, between the Light-Communities and the amateur radio operators of the world.

The installation of this system was divided up into three stages. The first and main one was done at several key points in the three areas of the Light-Community, which allow communication within and between them. The second was the installation of a station outside of the community, in the house of a collaborator, for any emergency. And the third stage, not yet finished, is to activate a station in the R3 area that allows communication with the principle communities of the work and with amateur radio operators of other countries,” says Wanderley Freitas, a Brazilian amateur radio operator with more than 30 years of experience, who is a part of this process.

Já estam em funcionamento entre as três áreas
Is already functioning between the three areas

The stations will be powered by solar energy and can operate during storms, power outages, and other catastrophes that make the use of cell phones impossible. At this time, that type of communication is already functioning between the three areas over a radius of several miles.

When installed for the purpose of global communication, the radio allows contact without any cost with a great network of amateur radio operators established throughout the world, who through altruistic work have an important role in assisting during catastrophes and accidents. The main objective being worked on is communication between the Light-Communities, which will allow us to maintain a unity in the coming times.

Mauricio, one of the licensed amateur radio operators of the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, says that “the radio stations make communication and selfless cooperation possible, not only between the service groups organized by this work, but also with other Light-Communities and other places in the world.”

Wanderley Freitas orienta a Comunidade-Luz sobre o uso ético do radioamador
Wanderley Freitas guides the Light-Community on the ethical use of the amateur radio

In February of 2020, a talk was given by Wanderley Freitas to provide guidance for the Light-Community on their becoming oriented on the ethical and conscious use of this important means of communication. He comments: “this system, besides all the benefits it brings, also teaches us to ‘listen.’ It is teaching us to wait for the other to finish speaking before we  respond. To speak at the right time.”

Most of the members of this Light-Community are preparing for the test that will qualify them as amateur radio operators, which will allow them to operate the radios in compliance with the legislation and fostering solidarity and selfless service for those most in need.