• Redención 4: A new area in the Light- Community

    Redención 4aims to be a commune space for those who search the life of spirit through altruistic service, voluntary and solidary work, under new patterns of behavior. It will also be an area for living together and caring for the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, as well as for welcoming the visiting pilgrims.

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  • Care of crops in the Light-Community

    Care for the Kingdoms of Nature is among the principles of the Light-Communities, as well as a vegetarian diet; and they have a great objective as a challenge: self-sustainability through polycultures (different crops in the same area), without harming the environment in the process.

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  • Marian Center temporarily closed

    In response to the preventive measures taken by the competent international authorities and in an act of adhesion to them, with the greatest spirit and conscious of collaboration, the Marian Center of Aurora is temporarily closed.

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The Sacred Center of Aurora is coming!

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