Renewable Energy in the Light-Community: Wind energy

Renewable Energy in the Light-Community: Wind energy

It is the first time that wind energy is being worked with in the Light-Communities, and the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora, in Uruguay, is the pioneer.

1The benefits and possibilities that this brings are immeasurable, not only in supplying electric energy, a driving force, but also in learning the relationship between the elements of nature and the generation of energy resources. However, the effort that a project like this demands and the obstacles that need to be faced are also unimaginable. It is years of work and of waiting, and involves a large investment so that these wind generators could work, and meanwhile, this project has still not been completed.

2The three pieces of equipment installed in the area of R1, in the Light-Community Fraternity of Aurora are ready for use. But they were designed with an electronic operating system that feeds the energy generated into the public network. This means that we do not gain autonomy, and in cases of electricity outages by the Uruguayan provider, we are back where we started, without an alternative resource. Another possibility, would be to receive and store this energy in batteries and organize a distribution and usage system in the Community, and this is the stage we are working on now. However, this option demands changes in the electronic system, making it necessary to purchase batteries, distribution cables, as well as three electronic mechanisms that would complete the system. This means that we still have a lot of work to do and there would be an investment on the order of 25 thousand dollars to make this option operational.

3In general, the Light-Communities are established and developed in rural areas, far from other resources, where the infrastructure systems are unreliable; this is why it is so important to develop projects in self-sufficiency or sustainability. Besides that, there is also an inner spiritual side, having to do with our relationship with the resources of the Planet and learning to work with clean energies within Universal Laws.


For all of this to be developed and take advantage of so many opportunities, we need a great deal of help: from technical collaborators with knowledge and experience that could help us in the operational specifications of the project, that could help us in research, budgeting, financial resources, and people who could help us with the practical part of the installations.

Mauricio Guidetti, the general coordinator of the Light-Community of Fraternity of Aurora emphasizes “because for all that has been explained, everyone’s support and participation is important.”