House and Points of Healing

New building for the task of healing and restoration of beings that will receive spiritual and physical healing procedures

“This simple but harmonious House will fulfill one of the most important tasks within the spiritual task of the Kingdom of Aurora. It will be in charge of the external and internal phases of purification and of rehabilitation.” Christ Jesus

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An improvement in the current buildings has been done.

Building of the Points of Healing according to the approved original plans

“Up until today, and for more than ten years, Aurora has offered this important work of healing, precariously and simply; but Aurora now deserves to be fully built, with the loving collaboration of everyone.” Christ Jesus


Indoor area where the healing task can take place in any weather

“This finalizing of the building of the points of healing, according to the thought-out architectural project, will allow the task of healing to become a reality on the surface and, above all, for the processes of the healing of people to occur and be offered at any time of the year.”  Christ Jesus


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